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Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: 05/25/2018 at 11:24

Is your organization a non-profit?

Yes, we are a 501c3 non-profit organization. 

What is the cutoff date for age requirements?

The cutoff date for all age groups is September 1st of the registration year. 

** Senior players that turn 13 on or before December 31st are not eligible **

What are the age requirements per division (using cutoff date 9/1)?

PeeWee: 6-7 years old

Freshman: 8 years old

Sophomore: 9 years old

Junior: 10 years old

Senior: 11-12 years old

What are the maximum weight restrictions per division?

PeeWee: 40 - 125 lbs

Freshman: 50 - 135 lbs

Sophomore: 50 - 145 lbs

Junior: 50 - 155 lbs

Senior: 50 - 170 lbs

How long is the season?

TBD for 2020 based on school district decisions regarding COVID19

What equipment is provided by the league?

The league will provide practice pants/jersey, game pants/jersey, shoulder pads, helmet, chinstrap and mouth guard.  Parents will only need to provide cleats for your player.  Parents are welcome to purchase different mouth guards or additional practice pants if needed.

** All equipment must be returned at the end of the season, except for the game jersey and, of course, the mouth guard **

Do we have any other financial or volunteer responsibilities?

No.  Due to the generosity of our sponsors there are no additional fees, fundraisers or volunteer time required.  Just enjoy watching your child play football or participate with drill and cheer.

When and where do you practice?

The Broncos football practice days/times are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00-7:30PM at Centennial Park next to Friendswood Junior High.

Where do you play games?

FYFA is part of Texas Intercity Football, Inc (TIFI).  Please visit the TIFI website for area team information.  FYFA will travel to local area fields for away games while home games will be played at Centennial Park next to Friendswood Junior High.

What time are the games?

The games are played in age order starting at 9AM. 

A typical Saturday would look similar to this:

PeeWee 9-10 AM

Freshman 10-11 PM

Sophomore 11-12 PM

Junior 12-1 PM

Senior 1-2 PM

Do you offer flag football to kids 7 and older?

No, not in the fall. 

** We do have a Spring non-contact program for 1st-8th graders **

Can my child play in a division below his age?

No, for safety reasons we do not allow players to “play down” a division; no exceptions.

Can my child play in a division above his age?

Yes, we allow kids to “play up” if the parents desire.

** Kids that exceed the maximum weight requirements for their division are required to play up **

Is there a “try-out” for the league?

No, returning players have 1st opportunity to register and if spots remain available, registration would be open to the public on a 1st come 1st serve priority.  

Are there minimum play rules for games?

Yes, TIFI requires that each player get a minimum of 15-plays before the end of the fourth quarter.  We have trained ADs on the field to ensure each player is counted appropriately. 

** There are penalties in place for coaches that fail to meet this requirement. **

Are there positions available for assistant coaches?

Yes, the tackle teams have 1-GM and 6-Assistant coaches (7 total).  

** Assistant coaches are selected by the GM **

Do your coaches get screened/have a background check?

Yes, all coaches must successfully pass a background check prior to the first practice. 

Do your coaches get training?

Yes, all coaches must successfully complete the USA Football "Youth Tackle" or "Flag" certification program prior to the first practice.  More info on this program can be found at

  • This program includes training in
    • Blocking/Tackling safety
    • Proper hydration
    • SCA/Concussion recognition
    • Basic coaching skills

What if we have an issue with one of our coaches?

If the issue is with an assistant coach you should first try to speak with your GM (head coach).  If you are not comfortable speaking to them or if your issue is related to the GM you can contact your Division AD (a board member in charge of the division).

  • If you do not get a satisfactory response you may immediately escalate to the Vice President of Operations or the President of the chapter.
  • A general contact email is also available at

** We know that issues related to our children can become very tense.  However, please work to remain calm and respectful when interacting with coaches/board members.  Likewise, the coaches/board members should be treating you with respect. **

Who are your board members?

2020 FYFA Board Members

  • President: Rit Johnson
  • Vice President, Operations: Enrico Obregon
  • Vice President, Fields/Facilities: Randy Brister
  • Drill Director: Jessica Fenn
  • Treasurer: Daniel Garbarino
  • Secretary: Steve Sartain
  • Sponsorship: Jesse Campos
  • Member: Ryan Butler
  • Member: Sammy Parks
  • Member: Terry Hendrix
  • Member: Ben Speer
  • Member: Brian Putnam
  • Member: David McElwain
  • Member: Trey Hutchins
  • Member: Steve Brennan